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My Growing Pandora Bracelet

I am so excited since I received my last Pandora order.  I have added 2 more charms to my Pandora bracelet. It is becoming more and more fun to wear my bracelet everyday and show it off to all my family and friends.  Most of my friends have never heard of Pandora before and they like the way the charms slide onto a bracelet instead of all the dangly charms.  I recently returned from a skiing trip to Colorado and I even found a store in Breckenridge that sold Pandora charms. Unfortunately I didn’t get close enough to even look at what they had because my son called me away to look at a winter coat!!!  As if that was more important! 

Now let me tell you about my 2 newest charms. As my bracelet grows I notice the charms keep sliding into the different sections. My friend suggested I try the clips that you can put on to keep charms from sliding from section to section. She already had one to show me how it worked. So I chose the beveled silver clip.  I love the way it does stop the charms from moving into the next section and you can segregate groups of charms.  It’s also nice to have some decorative charms in the mix to break up the monotony of all the themed charms. I like all my charms to have some sort of representation of my life.

My son loves to play sports.  So I had to choose the soccer ball charm next. The black enameled areas on the ball really make it stand out. Now my little boy has more to do than play on his drums.  Since he’s played soccer for 13 years now I felt it was a great choice for my last charm.

Since my bracelet is growing so quickly, the next charms on my wish list are another clip and maybe another bracelet!  I want so many more charms that they can’t all possibly fit on one bracelet.  Or maybe I should start a necklace that I could alternate different charms onto.

Www.Chains and
is so great to work with and I love their website. All the pictures are clear so you know exactly what you’re getting. The variety is good and I look forward to the new charms that are coming out soon.


-Susan D



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