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Silver and Gold Bat Charms are Flying Off

The Shelves

Bats are the only mammals that have the ability to fly. Most bats feed on insects, the rest eat fruit and fruit juices. Bats are not mice or rodents or even related to them. They have a bad reputation in most of the world except in China where bats symbolize good luck and happiness. has silver and gold bat charms for charm bracelets. Our goldmine is full of gold-plated bat charms. Get your 10k & 14k gold bat charms from today!

A single bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitoes in an hour, and is one of the world's longest-lived mammals for its size, with life spans of almost 40 years. Bats are more closely related to humans than they are to rodents. Several studies indicate that bats may actually be descended from early primates. There are over 1000 known species of bats, just about a fourth of all mammal species. Most of these bats would fit in the palm of your hand. Most bats give birth to only a single pup each year, making them very vulnerable to extinction. Bats are very clean animals, and groom themselves almost constantly to keep their fur clean. The pallid bat of western North America is immune to the stings of the scorpions and centipedes upon which it feeds.

A single colony of 150 big brown bats can protect local farmers from up to 33 million or more rootworms each summer. A nursing little brown bat mother can eat up to 4,500 insects nightly. Many important agricultural plants, like bananas, mangoes, cashews, dates, and figs rely on bats for pollination and seed dispersal. Contrary to popular misconceptions, most bats have very good eyesight, and do not become entangled in human hair. Bats rarely transmit disease to other animals or humans.


Bat your Style Out of the Park with Silver & Gold Pandora Jewelry

Not a fan of bat charm jewelry? Then consider the charm jewelry line that’s got everyone talking—Pandora Jewelry. Unlike traditional charms that require soldering, the authentic Pandora Jewelry system takes a new approach with a threaded bracelet and bead design that makes charm application a cinch. Simply twist a Pandora bead onto a 14k gold or sterling Pandora charm bracelet or necklace and achieve high-class style in a matter of seconds. Plus, to make it even easier, offers our exclusive Pandora Bracelet Builder. Simply choose a bracelet, drag and drop the Pandora beads, clips, spacers, or decorative Pandora safety chain of your choice and get an idea of what your charm bracelet will look like. What’s more, if you aren’t ready to purchase, you can add your design to a wish list. Don’t delay; browse our selection of Pandora Jewelry, including Pandora murano glass beads and silver and gold spacers, today.





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