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Silver Tasmanian Devil Charms for Charm Bracelets

Tasmanian Devils are nocturnal animals about the size of a small dog. They are muscular, stocky, and covered in black fur. Tasmanian Devils also give off a foul odor when they are disturbed. Tasmanian Devils are found throughout Tasmania. You will see them in all habitats on the island, including suburban areas. Tasmanian Devils particularly like coastal woodlands and dry forests. Young devils can climb trees, but this becomes more difficult as they grow larger. Devils can also swim. Tasmanian Devils are loners, they do not form packs, and the only thing you may see them doing together is eating, but even that is rare.


Silver and gold Tasmanian Devil charms are available at These whimsical pieces of jewelry are the perfect addition to any gold or silver charm bracelet. Tasmanian Devil charms are a unique charm for a unique animal. You'll be talking to your friends for hours about this beautiful animal and it's lovely home. Get your sterling silver Tasmanian Devil charms from today!


Find Pandora Beads, Charms, Bracelets & Necklaces at

What charm jewelry line has spun collectors into a whirlwind of desire? Pandora Jewelry. Handmade in Denmark, this line of silver and gold beads, clips, and spacers has whipped up a frenzy rivaling the Tasmanian Devil himself with a level of craftsmanship and a quality of design that is unrivalled. Perfect for women of evolving tastes, Pandora’s patented application system allows for the seamless addition, removal, and rearrangement of Pandora pieces. So whether you like to change the look of your jewelry to perfectly complement an outfit, or build a bracelet that echoes the theme of the season, Pandora Jewelry is the system that enables this flexibility. Browse, a preferred vendor of Pandora beads, charms, and clips, today for Pandora Jewelry, including the latest releases in murano glass beads, silver and gold Pandora clips and spacers, as well as decorative Pandora safety chains




tasmanian devil charm



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