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Football Charms

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Get Extra Points with Gold and Silver Football Charms

Over the last few years football has overtaken baseball as America's favorite sport. Football's popularity has grown to amazing levels. It shares some traits with soccer because the sports are related. They are both 11 on 11 and you score by getting the ball in or past a goal or goal line. In American football, like Rugby, you are allowed to carry the ball and tackle people.


Football is the most popular spectator sport in the world. Gold charm bracelets with football charms will make you stand out of the crowd.'s silver and gold football charms are a great way to support your team. Grab some football charms today!


Sometimes it only takes one special charm for a charm bracelet to get the point across. If you were trying to say thank you for never missing a rehearsal, show, football game, or holiday, then create a unique charms for a charm bracelet collection just for her. When she puts on one of our white gold bracelets for women and sees all the different sparkling charms, she will know exactly what you are trying to say. Your desire to thank her for never missing a football game will mean more to her than you know. All those times, in the rain, snow, and the late nights add up. But now you can show her some gratitude for all of her efforts with our football charms. Adding several charms for her bracelet will just strengthen your thank you and will remind her of how much she is appreciated.


Diagnosed with Football Fever? Raise the Temperature with Silver & Gold Pandora Jewelry

If you hold Sundays sacred and not for religious reasons, then the sterling silver Pandora football bead is the charm for you. Create a football themed Pandora bracelet by interspersing the Pandora football bead with your choice of murano glass beads, Pandora spacers, or Pandora clips and keep it safe and secure with a decorative Pandora safety chain. Or, if your passion for sports goes beyond football, check out our other sporty designs, including the Pandora soccer bead and Pandora sneaker charm. Shop at for all things Pandora and be sure to try our Pandora Bracelet Builder.


Football charm



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