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Roller Skating Charms

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Start Rollin' with Gold & Silver Roller Skating Charms

Many of us spent our teenage years in roller rinks skating the night away. You can remember these great times with roller skating charms. Put 10k or 14k gold roller skating charms on a charm bracelet, and you've got a gift that keeps on giving. Beautifully crafted roller skating charms will let you share wonderful stories from your past with everyone who sees your charms. Get your sterling silver roller skating charms today!


Roller skating is a great form of exercise that people of all ages can enjoy. Roller skating helps develop motor and listening skills through different games. Roller skating provides people with opportunities for social interaction. Roller skating is an easy to do sport people can learn at their own pace. Roller skating develops character, promotes fitness, fosters lifetime recreational habits and instills in individuals a sense of pride and confidence. Roller skating is fun, challenging, interactive and rewarding. Roller skating is the equivalent of jogging in terms of health benefits. Roller skating can burn 350 calories per hour.


We like to feel that is a one-of-a-kind online jewelry store. Our unique selection of charms allows us to be a leading authority in the charm industry. For example, we have a sports and leisure charm category that has a wide variety of different charm designs, so you are sure to find your favorites. Our roller skating charms are a popular commodity among customers of all ages. The roller skating charms vary from traditional roller skates to the inline skates and speed skates. Much like our other charm collections, the roller skate is available in a white gold charms option. We pride ourselves in our white gold bracelet charms quality and selection. In addition to our white gold roller skate charms, we also have white gold number charms, white gold initial charms, white gold cross charms, and our very fashionable white gold charm bracelets. Our white gold bracelets for women are a must have when sporting the charms that you have selected. The 14k white gold bracelets are also available in variable lengths and chain options. If you prefer to wear white gold necklace charms, as opposed to wearing the charms on our white gold bracelets, feel free to do so. Chains-and-Charms main priority is to give our customers limitless options. Whether you choose white gold charms or yellow gold charms, or if you wanted 14k white gold charm bracelets or sterling silver charm bracelets , we have them all. Visit us online today and start shopping.

Roller Skating charm



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