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Taxi Charm

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Grab a Taxi Charm in 14k Gold or Sterling Silver

Taxi charms are some of the best charms to put on a gold charm bracelet, because they're so unique. Charm bracelets are so versatile that you can wear them almost anywhere. Chains-and-Charms.com carries gold and silver taxi charms made by the world's best charm manufacturers. When your friends see your charm bracelet filled with sterling silver taxi charms, they'll be amazed! Then you can tell them about Chains-and-Charms.com's taxi charms and all of our other lovely charms. Get yourself a charm bracelet and taxi charms from Chains-and-Charms.com today!


Here's some more information about the taxi. The taxi gets its name from the 1891 invention of the taximeter, an instrument used to measure the distance and time a car has traveled. There are about 40,000 taxi drivers in New York. In 1913 a taxi ride was set at $.50 per mile. In March of 1934 2,000 striking taxi drivers seized Times Square. The total of taxi fares paid in the year 2000 was over one billion dollars. The average taxi fare is approximately $6.

Taxi charm



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