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Pennsylvania Charms

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Pennsylvania Charms are the Keystone of

Our Collection

Pennsylvania is a state that is oozing with history, culture, and knowledge. is oozing with Pennsylvania charms. Our 10k & 14k gold Pennsylvania charms are made by the best charm makers on the planet. has an array of Pennsylvania charms in our treasure trove. Charm bracelets are a sophisticated way to keep the things you care about close to you. Choose your favorite Pennsylvania charms and add charms for the experiences you had during your time in the state. Keep all of your memories by your side with a charm bracelet. Get yourself some silver Pennsylvania charms from today!


Pennsylvania is the Keystone State. Pennsylvania's state motto is Virtue, Liberty, and Independence. On December 12th of 1787 Pennsylvania joined the union. The state was named in honor of Admiral William Penn, father of William Penn the state's founder, and means Penn's Woods. Pennsylvania's state bird is the Ruffed Grouse. The state flower is the Mountain Laurel, and the state tree is the Eastern Hemlock. Pennsylvania's state song is "Pennsylvania."



Pennsylvania charm



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