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The authentic PANDORA jewelry system is unlike any other charms bracelet in the industry. Consisting of a unique threaded bracelet, the PANDORA 14K gold and sterling silver charms jewelry collection, which is comprised of Murano glass charms, clips, spacers, bracelets, necklaces, and safety chains, features a unique threaded design that eliminates the need of soldering. PANDORA charm bracelets and necklaces are divided into three sections by threaded barriers. Authentic PANDORA gold and silver bracelet clips offer an attractive way to cover these sections and prevent Murano PANDORA charms, sterling silver and 14K gold PANDORA charms, or spacers from moving into other sections. See for yourself the amazing jewelry system that is converting charm bracelet admirers everywhere into PANDORA enthusiasts.


As with everything PANDORA creates, silver and gold clips showcase an unbelievable level of artistry and quality. If you consider your style as Classic, then pick from our selection of 14K gold PANDORA clips. Or, if you are more into Modern designs, browse our collection of sterling silver clips with intricate and contemporary motifs. With PANDORA, there is a charm, clip, and spacer for every woman.


Define Your Style with Authentic PANDORA Clips, Spacers, and Charms at

Every woman has a style that is uniquely her own. Read on below to discover what PANDORA clips best suit

your style.

Build Your Own PANDORA Bracelet to See What PANDORA Gold or Silver Clip Works for You

Visit our PANDORA bracelet builder and experiment with different PANDORA glass charms, charms, spacers, and clips combinations to build the ideal bracelet for you or a loved one. With over 600 selections from which to choose, PANDORA charm jewelry is perfect for everyone. Plus, as expert jewelers handcraft PANDORA pieces, you are guaranteed the highest level of quality. Go ahead; build your own bracelet.oved one today!






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