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Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, PANDORA Jewelry secured itself in Northern Europe before coming to the States. In 2002, PANDORA Jewelry made its first appearance into the North American jewelry industry. Inspired by Greek mythology, the Danish jewelry line combined versatility with fashion to establish the beloved charm bracelets that are around today.


According to the Greek myth, Zeus wanted revenge on the god, Prometheus, for stealing fire from the immortals and giving it to the mortals. He ordered the god, Hephaestus, to create Pandora, the first woman and ordered the other gods to lavish her in a way that would entice mankind. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, gave Pandora clothes while Aphrodite, the goddess of love, gave her beauty. Necklaces, created by Hephaestus, were given to her by the Charites, goddesses of charm.


Zeus gave Pandora a box, which he forbade her to open, and then sent her down to Earth. In her creation, the first woman was given curiosity. As a result, Pandora was unable to withstand temptation. When she peered into the box, she released all of the troubles, such as disease and conflict, which would later afflict mankind. In the end, the only thing remaining in her box was hope.


PANDORA Jewelry later utilized hope and inspiration as the main impetus behind the successful PANDORA design. By offering women the opportunity to design their own jewelry, the Danish line encourages creativity and individuality. Today, the company is featured in magazines and in jewelry stores across the globe.




Bracelets and Necklaces 14k Gold Charms Gold and Silver Clips
Silver Charms with 14k Gold Sterling Silver & 14k Gold Initials Silver Charms with Gems
Birthstones Decorative Safety Chain Gold and Silver Spacers
Sterling Silver Initials Sterling Silver Charms Murano Glass Charms



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