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United States Travel Charms

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Patriotic Gold and Silver Travel Charms United States Travel charm

National pride will be easily established when you wear a United States flag charm or a United States country charm found in the United States travel charm section at Show off your pride while still managing to keep fashionable with your charm bracelet. At the same time, you can also show pride for your state by wearing a charm symbolizing your state. North Carolinians can wear a North Carolina state map silver charm or a Tar Heel gold charm. Either way, people will surely notice where you are from when you wear these charms. A total North Carolina theme could be garnered by purchasing a charm featuring the state bird, flower or any other symbol you may think of that represents North Carolina. All 50 states have a good amount of charms to choose from, and even Washington DC has a few charms so that no state is left out.


United States Travel Charms

Not only would these charms serve as a way to proudly show where you are from, but also to show where you have been. Traveling to other parts of the country often results in the desire to bring home a souvenir. But why bring home a plain and ordinary souvenir when you can simply buy a state gold or silver charm and wear your memory on your charm bracelet? The Liberty Bell silver charm from Pennsylvania, the Statue of Liberty gold charm from New York, the Sears Tower silver charm from Illinois or the Golden Gate Bridge gold charm from California would all make perfect memories for you and yours to keep with you at all times.


Perhaps your goal could be to travel to all 50 states and reward yourself with a beautiful charm from to go along with the states you have visited. Or perhaps you have moved around from state to state quite often. Purchasing a state charm or a state symbol charm would be the perfect way to decorate your charm bracelet and recall all the places you have lived at in the past. A simple Massachusetts state map gold charm would suffice enough, or you could get more specific and buy the Boston skyline silver charm - or even both. With the option to change charms on your charm bracelet, there will always be room to add to or change your bracelet as you move around.


United States Charms for the Avid Collector

Avid charm collectors have the perfect opportunity to collect in the United States travel charm department. Collectors can strive to collect all 50 state charms or just a symbol from each state, like Georgia's Atlanta peach gold charm or Colorado's Aspen silver charm. With so many options to choose from, collectors have a long list of collection items they can start.


United States Travel Charms a Perfect Gift

But don't forget, these charms also make the perfect gift for anyone. Sending a home sick college student a state charm will surely make them miss home a little less than before as they walk around with a piece of home on their charm bracelet. Or you could send a piece of your state to a friend living in another state, or give them a piece of their state as a gift. These beautiful charms will brighten up anyone's day.


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Gold Alabama Charms Gold Maine Charms Gold-Plated Oregon Charms
Sterling Silver Alaska Charms 10k Gold Maryland Charms 14k Gold Pennsylvania Charms
14k Gold Arizona Charms 14k Gold Massachusetts Charms Silver Rhode Island Charms
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Silver Colorado Charms Gold-Plated Mississippi Charms 10k Gold Tennessee Charms
Gold Connecticut Charms Silver Missouri Charms Sterling Silver Texas Charms
Silver Delaware Charms Gold Montana Charms 14k Gold Utah Charms
Gold Florida Charms 14k Gold Nebraska Charms Gold Vermont Charms
14k Gold Georgia Charms Sterling Silver Nevada Charms 14k Gold Virginia Charms
Silver Hawaii Charms Silver New Hampshire Charms Silver Washington Charms
10k Gold Idaho Charms Gold New Jersey Charms Gold West Virginia Charms
Gold Illinois Charms 10k Gold New Mexico Charms 10k Gold Wisconsin Charms
Gold-Plated Indiana Charms 14k Gold New York Charms 14k Gold Wyoming Charms
Sterling Silver Iowa Charms Silver North Carolina Charms  
14k Gold Kansas Charms Gold North Dakota Charms Gold Washington D.C. Charms
Silver Kentucky Charms Sterling Silver Ohio Charms  
Gold Louisiana Charms Gold Oklahoma Charms 14k Gold U.S.A. Charms



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