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by Esther P. Chase


My Charmed Retirement

My sterling silver charms and bracelets loaded with 14k gold charms and charm jewelry are as populated with sparkling charm mementos as my life is with memories. My charm for charm bracelet passion is no secret, and it is apparently contagious as my sister purchased a 14kt white gold badge charm and charms bracelet for her son who had just graduated from the Police Academy. He considered it his lucky charm. She had his badge number, date, and initials engraved into the gold charm as a customizing feature. At this time in my life, I too was contemplating another gold or sterling silver bracelet and charm purchase. Retirement lingered in my mind with the arrival of each grandchild. Steve, however, was not yet ready to retire. My mind was made up when Elizabeth and Daniel announced they were pregnant, the die was cast-I was now a full-time grandmother!

At my retirement party, I received from my co-workers one of the 14kt white gold retirement charms. Several of my friends had given me gold and silver grandmother and baby themed charms for charm bracelets in celebration of my new career as "Grandmother." Laura and I hosted a baby shower for Elizabeth at our favorite local restaurant. Our charms bracelets were examined as everyone caught up with our current status via the new sterling silver and 10kt and 14kt gold in white and yellow charm additions on our Rembrandt charms bracelets. Everyone was delighted with my newly acquired retirement charms on my 14kt white gold charms bracelet. The charms denoting my new career as a full-time grandmother were especially appreciated.

The biggest excitement was yet to come. Elizabeth and David invited her father and I out to dinner. There was a jewelry box at my place setting, containing 14kt gold charms from the Rembrandt twins charms collection. I still get goose bumps just remembering how excited we were. David's parents retired to San Diego when he left the veterinary practice. We are friendly-just not close. However, that did not stop us from exchanging grandmother charms for our charms bracelets in anticipation of the twins' arrival.



Chapter 22 - Twin Baby and 45th Anniversary Charms for my Charms Bracelets




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