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Is my Jewellery Covered Under my Home Insurance Policy

Losing something as precious as a sentimental value item or even a wedding ring this will leave you not only financially scarred but also emotionally scarred too. If you do not have the right insurance in place you will not receive any compensation if you wanted to purchase a new ring. All home insurance providers cover for theft or loss of personal belongings including jewellery which is standard under contents cover which is included in your home insurance policy. However, there are limits placed on single items as well as the claim limits total. From silver rings, watches, and gold necklaces these are all valuable items which is why you need to let your insurer know if you think the claim limits are exceeded by any single item.

Contents Cover 

Contents insurance should cover you against any loss or theft of personal belongings such as jewellery from your home. It is essential to have the correct level of cover for any expensive items you have in your home.

What is my policy’s claim limit?  

It is advisable to specify your most valuable items before taking out a policy. Single claim limits are on most standard house insurance policies which generally range from €1000 to €2000. When there is a max amount which your insurer pays out you will not be able to make a claim more than that amount for one valuable. If you want to change the limits with your insurer, your premiums could rise it depends on how much the limits go up by. Talk to your insurance provider if you are unsure of the single item limits.

Documentation for a claim 

Your insurance company will be specific on the limit amount that can be covered for an item without the proof of valuation, if the item is above the limit you will be required to receive a valuation from a jeweller that is reputable having them confirm that the item is worth this certain amount. A valuation copy will be required by your broker with the stated amount.

Valuation is Key  

The valuation of your jewellery could be a lot more worthy then you think or worth more now to when you may have set up this policy. Most people pay home-insurance premiums for years and never check to see if the jewellery value may have gone up and they may be underinsured as a result. It is always a good idea to get your jewellery valued again.

Home cover if you are away   

With a standard home insurance policy, you are covered for theft or loss however you are not covered if you are away from home. Thieves tend to go for more expensive items in the home such as Jewellery. You may also find that you have lost a piece yourself while away. The away from home cover can be added onto your home insurance policy for a minimum cost, that is if it is not included in your policy already. Your belongings are then covered if you are out and about.

Are my matching jewellery sets covered?  

Most house insurance policies do not cover matching sets as standard. If you lose a ring that comes with a brooch or necklace set, an insurance broker would cover the estimate ring value instead of replacing the entire set. An earring is usually an exception, if you lost one earring, both earrings would be compensated. If you require a policy to cover you while you are away from home, most insurers will increase your premiums which they will then provide cover for a matching jewellery set.

Is it worth making a claim?  

If you lose a piece of jewellery that may not be that expensive it may not be worth making a claim for this. Even if your jewellery is worth thousands it still may not be worth making a claim, it really depends on your policy excess. The claimant is expected to cover the excess amount which is the first part of the claim. The amount will vary it depends on your own personal choice when you took out the insurance and your insurer. The excess can be as much as €500 for cheaper items and as little as €50 for more expensive policies.

If the stolen or lost jewellery is only worth €250 and your excess is €300, it wouldn’t be worth making a claim for.

Other ways to protect your jewellery in the home  

Whether you own hundreds of expensive pieces of jewellery or have a diamond necklace that is worth thousands, the last thing you would want is for them to land in the wrong person’s hands through theft in the home or even if you lose the item yourself. Here are some ways to protect your valuables in the home

  • Install a security system in the home  

Have security cameras, alarms, and motion detectors installed in your home. These systems will deter any thieves entering your house putting your valuable belongings at risk. This will give you complete peace of mind that your expensive items are protected at all times.

  • Use a safe or lockbox   

Store and have the jewellery locked away in a safe or lockbox. This way you alone will have access to your items. Purchase a lockbox or safe that has a combination lock to lower the risk even more.

  • Take photographs   

Always take a photo of your jewellery especially the pieces that are the most expensive. This way if they are stolen from your home it will make it also easier to show them to the guards and to be able to trace them via photograph.

  • Always keep proof of purchase   

After any purchase of jewellery always keep hold of your receipts, valuation certificates, and anything else that would prove the cost of these particular items.

  • Ensure the safe and lockbox are hidden  

Always have your safe and lockbox out of sight and hidden away in your home.


A Guide To Choosing The Best Insurance For Your Jewellery Business

For anyone starting a jewellery business, insurance is paramount as it will protect your business in case of a disaster. No one wants to spend all their savings on the company and end up getting losses due to theft, fire, and other hazards. This is where insurance comes in. What will happen when a customer lands on a glass, looking at jewellery, and the glass breaks and injures them? Also, what happens when some of your pieces are stolen, or when the assets’ value fluctuate, leaving you confused? All these scenarios are examples of situations where you need insurance. Below are the different types of coverage that one should consider for their jewellery store. Read on to find one that suits you best.

Whether your business is online or you sell at craft fairs, these, business insurance packages are vital for you. Cutting costs may be tempting, but when a disaster happens, your business will suffer, and you may not be able to get back up.

Commercial General Liability Insurance 

General liability insurance is a cover that one should not miss out on. It will cover any medical payments needed, personal and advertising injuries, legal defence fees, and also property damage. Having a good CGL policy helps one in case you get sued and need to pay compensation for damages caused in the case of a liability charge.

Product Liability Insurance 

There will always be a slight chance that a customer will say that your product caused them harm or an injury. Since people react differently to jewellery, it is crucial to ensure that you have considered product liability insurance for your business. If the customer decides to sue you, this coverage will pay for the cost of hiring an attorney to represent you in court, and any other legal fees incurred. If both parties decide to settle the matter outside the court, the costs will also be paid by it. This insurance comes in handy, especially in online jewellery businesses where these cases are quite common.

Employer’s Liability 

If you have employees working for you, then you will need to take out this cover. It will cover you if an employee makes a claim against you and the business. Also, if any employee is injured while working, or in the business premises, and needs medical care, this policy will ensure that they are covered by paying for the hospital bills. Also, any lost wages that may be incurred by the employee due to the injury will be taken care of by this policy.

If your business property gets damaged maybe by a fire or other natural disasters, this policy will cover it. It will provide compensation for the losses incurred on the property, other than the jewellery that you have. Some of the things covered include your inventory, signage, and computers.

Business Income Insurance 

Accidents happen all the time, and no one is immune to them. This is a harsh reality for businesses, and the majority of the time when disasters such as fire destroy your assets, you may not be able to open the store for a while. For this period that you will have closed shop, you will get a continuous income until when you open the business. This is what happens when you take up business income insurance. You will be able to pay salaries for your employees and cater to your monthly expenses without any problems. This will ensure smooth running since you will be able to focus on how to open the business, and not on how you will take care of your employees.

When buying insurance, you may be lost for choice on what is perfect for you. Meeting up with different insurance companies will help since you will be able to see which one fits you well. Below are some of the questions to ask the various companies to see if they are perfect for you.

How Much Will It Cost? 

Knowing the amount of money that you will have to pay for your insurance is vital. However, the costs will vary due to factors such as the location of the business, the value of the jewellery being insured, and the company. Getting different quotes from the various companies will help you to know which one suits you best. Avoid choosing those that are questionably cheap since it may mean that their services are substandard. Also, it may mean that you will be protected in very few instances, as opposed to those that are a bit highly-priced. It is crucial to note that the coverage will cost around 2% of the value of the jewellery.

What Does It Cover?

It is crucial to know the nitty-gritty of what is covered in the policy that you choose. It is crucial since you may get property damage, only for the insurance company to say that it only covers it when it is caused by fire. Some will also not cover loss of jewellery from theft; thus, it is crucial to ask all these details. Also, some companies will only allow you to use their jewellers in case you need to do a repair or replacement. However, they will do it as cheap as possible so that they can save the company money. This may not be the best option for you since the work will be substandard and not up to par. It is, therefore, crucial to ask about that and know if they will allow you to work with your local jeweller or one that you trust.

Buying a jewellery insurance policy can be quite overwhelming and daunting. You will need to take time to know all the policies that are there in the market and how to choose the right one for you. With the above points, one will be able to see which one fits their business best and will protect them in the event of unforeseen disasters. As much as insurance may seem to be an expensive venture, it will be worth it in the end, and your business will thank you for it. With the above points, the process does not need to be as challenging as before; you will be able to make the right decision.

The Right Wedding Rings For You: What To Focus On

The idea of meeting the right person and getting down on one knee to propose may have at one point seemed odd and foreign to you, but now that you have proposed to someone, the act is now a precious memory. You find yourself now looking forward to the day of your marriage, and planning is likely underway. Of all the things you need to stress about, you might be most concerned about getting the right wedding rings for you and your new spouse.

Wedding rings are, like the engagement ring, going to be worn on the finger forever. The ring you select now must not only match the engagement ring but must be appropriate for daily wear. Above all, it must meet with the approval of the two people who will be wearing them. So what should you be most focused on when you are selecting wedding rings?

1- How Much Do They Cost? 

Most people zero in on cost as the most important factor in selecting wedding rings for you. If you and your spouse will both be wearing them, that means that the cost will be almost double what it is to only pay for one ring. That should be considered. However, the true cost will depend on the colour, cut and materials you choose.

The colour of the stones is important, and you might remember that from your engagement ring shopping. The truer the colour is, the more the piece will cost. However, if you are opting for stones that are not diamond, the colour isn’t as noticeable as the stone itself.

The colour of the wedding bands themselves are also worth mentioning. If you and your soon-to-be spouse have agreed on a silver colour, you can select silver, platinum or titanium bands. Silver is the most affordable and can be durable enough for years of wear, but if your budget allows, platinum and titanium may be better choices. Going with gold? There is really not a perfect substitute for pure gold, but rather than getting something synthetic, you may opt for 10K gold instead of 14K gold. Another natural option is to pick vermeil bands, which consist of a thin layer of 14K gold on top of an unseen layer of silver. This is the most affordable choice.

The cut of the stones you choose, if the wedding bands will have them, must have the same considerations as the stones in the engagement piece. However, since they will be considerably smaller in order to complement the other ring, you may want to opt for cuts that will not overshadow the engagement ring. The more restrained the cuts, the more affordable the piece.

When you are considering costs, you need to make real choices about what you can afford. Even if your budget is considerable, you still have a wedding to plan and bills to pay afterward. You and your beloved should talk about how frugal you’ll be on this purchase so there are no surprises. You may want to look at pieces together and discuss different price points so that you are both happy and relieved to not have overspent.

2- Where Should You Buy Them? 

Of course, one aspect of cost is the manner in which you purchase the pieces. Many, many retailers can offer wedding rings to you, but you must be discerning when determining which to give your money to.

You might first try major jewellery retailers in the area. They have all kinds of jewellery at different price points and of different types. You can trust that their pieces are authentic. At the very least, you can begin a search there and get some information about what could be available.

However, you should wait before buying–there are still other outlets that could be suitable. Online retailers can sometimes offer discounts. Just be sure that there is some method of authentication and that returns are possible. Should you receive a package from an online retailer that doesn’t match up with what you saw on their site, you need to be able to return it immediately for an exact, full refund.

You might also look at auction websites to find people who are privately selling off their own wedding jewellery. This can be cheaper than other options, but you must ask for proof of appraisal and a number of pictures before agreeing to buy.


3- Do They Match Your Personality? 

Wedding rings for you might not be the most important part of the wedding, even if you know your loved one is very concerned about it. However, the bands you are buying aren’t just for them; they are for you as well. When you look down at your finger, you can’t be irritated or disappointed that you have to wear this jewellery forever. So one thing to consider is how different bands feel to you.

Ideally, the pieces you choose will be comfortable for wear. This will largely depend on size and materials. Most people prefer thinner bands that aren’t so heavy on the finger so you can carry on your work and other activities without noticing much that you’ve got on jewellery. Higher quality metals will also be more comfortable.

You should also do your best to find designs that will suit the kind of person you are. If you are a traditional person, for instance, it follows that you are unlikely to find wedding rings for you that are garish and unsightly. However, if you are someone with a touch of flair or flamboyance in your personality, the idea of wearing something plain seems inappropriate. You may actively seek jewellery which has something unique about it, such as a twisted or bi-colour band.

Of course, if your style and personality differ from your loved one, there will need to be a talk about meeting in the middle. This is especially important because you selected their engagement jewellery with solely their tastes in mind; you now need to compromise so both of your opinions are taken into consideration.

Wedding rings for you and your betrothed are just one part of the big day to come, but they are important. Use these details to find and select the most appropriate, beautiful pieces for both of you so that you can start wearing them for the rest of your days together.

How To Properly Clean Your Jewelry

In today’s culture we love and wear our jewelry to the bone. Our favorite pieces often endure an amazing amount of hardship through our daily routines and it’s hard to keep expensive pieces as shiny as the day we bought them.

Or is it? Here are some of our top tips on how to properly clean your jewelry.

Use Ammonia
Just as a disclaimer, be careful when working with chemicals and do not breathe this in! While most people use ammonia as a cleaning product around the house a 1:4 ammonia and warm water mixture will help to get your diamonds clean after a fifteen minute soak! After your favorite pieces’ ammonia bath, use a bristled toothbrush to gently scrub away any of the grime that remains on your jewelry.

Toothpaste Is Not Just For Teeth?
From helping your body to recover from bruises to even hiding blemishes toothpaste seems to have a variety of uses besides cleaning one’s teeth. Toothpaste actually works as a highly effective type of jewelry cleaner and is a great option for when you’re traveling or on the go.

Mix together warm water and about an inch of toothpaste for a loose type of paste. This concoction is mildly abrasive and it works to help remove any grime or dirt from your jewelry. Combine this with scrubbing with a soft bristled toothbrush and your collection is all set to go!

For Acid Reflux and Shine
Many of the antacids that you take for heartburn can also double as a way to make your jewelry shine! Make sure to pick a type that work as a type of effervescent solution. This is because the dissolving of the tablet is what works to clean your jewelry.

To clean your pieces, take the desired jewelry and place it into a glass of warm water with two fizzy tablets. Allow them to sit in the mixture for a few minutes before removing. Once done, dry your pieces gently with a dry cloth or rag and you should be all set!

Aluminum Foil Is More Than Just An Internet Trend
If you have any tarnished silver jewelry, there’s a high chance that it will respond well to being cleaned with aluminum foil. Spread your pieces out on a clean piece of foil before sprinkling with baking soda. Boil water to gently coat any area that has baking soda. The foil will collect the tarnish from the jewelry like magic!

If deciding to do this method we suggest doing one side at a time to get an even cleaning and rinsing off with warm water in between sides. Gently dry it and then you’re good to go!

Why Do We Wear Jewelry?

Since the beginning of time as a race we have been decorating and adorning ourselves with bones, feathers, animal teeth, shells, and a variety of other material. From our ancestors to the rules of the past we have all worn jewelry in one way or another to indicate a variety of meanings. But why exactly do we wear it?

The Hierarchy Of Needs
Around 1940 there was an American psychologist named Abraham Maslow who had developed a pyramid-shaped structure called the “Hierarchy of Needs.” This pyramid has a base of physiological reasons why humans wear jewelry. It is then followed by safety, the next tier being belonging, then esteem, and then self-actualisation is at the top.

Breaking Down The Pyramid
Looking further at jewelry through this lease, it’s interesting to see where it falls on the scale in society. People use jewelry anywhere from love and belonging by trying to attract a significant other or even to show affiliation with certain groups.

As far as the esteem category is concerned, wearing jewelry for this reason may be a reflection on your past or future. A person could be trying to reflect back on how rich they use to be, or how rich they wish to be. At that point it’s seemed almost as a form of self-expression. Every piece we choose to put on sends subtle meanings and messages about our style, upbringing, and aesthetic.

Changing History
While society likes to flip back and forth on what everyone finds acceptable or note, Jewelry has played an interesting role. For the last approximately two hundred years jewelry has been a female dominated form of expression. More recently, men have been escaping social barriers to dabble into their own forms of expression as well. Brand names and chain stores have even gone as far as to offer rings, bracelets, and necklaces back into male sections of stores.

This change brings an interesting statement that prior strict gender roles are placing in second due to societies current need for individuality. This generation is more focus on being themselves than adhering to a mold set for them by their forefathers.

Why Do You Wear Jewelry?
Is it for yourself? The way you look? Other people? Regardless of our individual answers we all have our own reasons to adorn our bodies. Whether it is to feel empowered or to perfectly match the shirt that day, let the world know it’s purpose.