The Right Wedding Rings For You: What To Focus On

The Right Wedding Rings For You: What To Focus On

The idea of meeting the right person and getting down on one knee to propose may have at one point seemed odd and foreign to you, but now that you have proposed to someone, the act is now a precious memory. You find yourself now looking forward to the day of your marriage, and planning is likely underway. Of all the things you need to stress about, you might be most concerned about getting the right wedding rings for you and your new spouse.

Wedding rings are, like the engagement ring, going to be worn on the finger forever. The ring you select now must not only match the engagement ring but must be appropriate for daily wear. Above all, it must meet with the approval of the two people who will be wearing them. So what should you be most focused on when you are selecting wedding rings?

1- How Much Do They Cost? 

Most people zero in on cost as the most important factor in selecting wedding rings for you. If you and your spouse will both be wearing them, that means that the cost will be almost double what it is to only pay for one ring. That should be considered. However, the true cost will depend on the colour, cut and materials you choose.

The colour of the stones is important, and you might remember that from your engagement ring shopping. The truer the colour is, the more the piece will cost. However, if you are opting for stones that are not diamond, the colour isn’t as noticeable as the stone itself.

The colour of the wedding bands themselves are also worth mentioning. If you and your soon-to-be spouse have agreed on a silver colour, you can select silver, platinum or titanium bands. Silver is the most affordable and can be durable enough for years of wear, but if your budget allows, platinum and titanium may be better choices. Going with gold? There is really not a perfect substitute for pure gold, but rather than getting something synthetic, you may opt for 10K gold instead of 14K gold. Another natural option is to pick vermeil bands, which consist of a thin layer of 14K gold on top of an unseen layer of silver. This is the most affordable choice.

The cut of the stones you choose, if the wedding bands will have them, must have the same considerations as the stones in the engagement piece. However, since they will be considerably smaller in order to complement the other ring, you may want to opt for cuts that will not overshadow the engagement ring. The more restrained the cuts, the more affordable the piece.

When you are considering costs, you need to make real choices about what you can afford. Even if your budget is considerable, you still have a wedding to plan and bills to pay afterward. You and your beloved should talk about how frugal you’ll be on this purchase so there are no surprises. You may want to look at pieces together and discuss different price points so that you are both happy and relieved to not have overspent.

2- Where Should You Buy Them? 

Of course, one aspect of cost is the manner in which you purchase the pieces. Many, many retailers can offer wedding rings to you, but you must be discerning when determining which to give your money to.

You might first try major jewellery retailers in the area. They have all kinds of jewellery at different price points and of different types. You can trust that their pieces are authentic. At the very least, you can begin a search there and get some information about what could be available.

However, you should wait before buying–there are still other outlets that could be suitable. Online retailers can sometimes offer discounts. Just be sure that there is some method of authentication and that returns are possible. Should you receive a package from an online retailer that doesn’t match up with what you saw on their site, you need to be able to return it immediately for an exact, full refund.

You might also look at auction websites to find people who are privately selling off their own wedding jewellery. This can be cheaper than other options, but you must ask for proof of appraisal and a number of pictures before agreeing to buy.


3- Do They Match Your Personality? 

Wedding rings for you might not be the most important part of the wedding, even if you know your loved one is very concerned about it. However, the bands you are buying aren’t just for them; they are for you as well. When you look down at your finger, you can’t be irritated or disappointed that you have to wear this jewellery forever. So one thing to consider is how different bands feel to you.

Ideally, the pieces you choose will be comfortable for wear. This will largely depend on size and materials. Most people prefer thinner bands that aren’t so heavy on the finger so you can carry on your work and other activities without noticing much that you’ve got on jewellery. Higher quality metals will also be more comfortable.

You should also do your best to find designs that will suit the kind of person you are. If you are a traditional person, for instance, it follows that you are unlikely to find wedding rings for you that are garish and unsightly. However, if you are someone with a touch of flair or flamboyance in your personality, the idea of wearing something plain seems inappropriate. You may actively seek jewellery which has something unique about it, such as a twisted or bi-colour band.

Of course, if your style and personality differ from your loved one, there will need to be a talk about meeting in the middle. This is especially important because you selected their engagement jewellery with solely their tastes in mind; you now need to compromise so both of your opinions are taken into consideration.

Wedding rings for you and your betrothed are just one part of the big day to come, but they are important. Use these details to find and select the most appropriate, beautiful pieces for both of you so that you can start wearing them for the rest of your days together.

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