How To Properly Clean Your Jewelry

How To Properly Clean Your Jewelry

In today’s culture we love and wear our jewelry to the bone. Our favorite pieces often endure an amazing amount of hardship through our daily routines and it’s hard to keep expensive pieces as shiny as the day we bought them.

Or is it? Here are some of our top tips on how to properly clean your jewelry.

Use Ammonia
Just as a disclaimer, be careful when working with chemicals and do not breathe this in! While most people use ammonia as a cleaning product around the house a 1:4 ammonia and warm water mixture will help to get your diamonds clean after a fifteen minute soak! After your favorite pieces’ ammonia bath, use a bristled toothbrush to gently scrub away any of the grime that remains on your jewelry.

Toothpaste Is Not Just For Teeth?
From helping your body to recover from bruises to even hiding blemishes toothpaste seems to have a variety of uses besides cleaning one’s teeth. Toothpaste actually works as a highly effective type of jewelry cleaner and is a great option for when you’re traveling or on the go.

Mix together warm water and about an inch of toothpaste for a loose type of paste. This concoction is mildly abrasive and it works to help remove any grime or dirt from your jewelry. Combine this with scrubbing with a soft bristled toothbrush and your collection is all set to go!

For Acid Reflux and Shine
Many of the antacids that you take for heartburn can also double as a way to make your jewelry shine! Make sure to pick a type that work as a type of effervescent solution. This is because the dissolving of the tablet is what works to clean your jewelry.

To clean your pieces, take the desired jewelry and place it into a glass of warm water with two fizzy tablets. Allow them to sit in the mixture for a few minutes before removing. Once done, dry your pieces gently with a dry cloth or rag and you should be all set!

Aluminum Foil Is More Than Just An Internet Trend
If you have any tarnished silver jewelry, there’s a high chance that it will respond well to being cleaned with aluminum foil. Spread your pieces out on a clean piece of foil before sprinkling with baking soda. Boil water to gently coat any area that has baking soda. The foil will collect the tarnish from the jewelry like magic!

If deciding to do this method we suggest doing one side at a time to get an even cleaning and rinsing off with warm water in between sides. Gently dry it and then you’re good to go!

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